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Stone Technologies Corporation

Established in 1965, Stone Technologies provides excellent customer service with all our products and services.

Our Products

704 Environmental Monitoring System

Choose the model 704V for Verizon, 704A for AT&T, or 704C for use in Canada.

STC 4110 Dual Mode Battery Analyzer

Our dual mode analyzer provides both a load test and a remaining amphour evaluation for 6 and 12V lead acid batteries up to 100 AH. The analyzer is powered by the battery being tested and is microprocessor controlled. It also can calculate the AH needed for any fire alarm application.

Cellular External Antenna

Durable and easy to mount, our 5G external antenna increases signal strength in remote areas where cellular coverage may be marginal. A 15 ft. antenna extension cable is also available along with cable connection adaptors for series N, BNC, and TNC.

Relay Modules

Choose the relay module that is right for your application. The modules come in a carbonate housing with easy to wire terminals.

STC 612 Battery Analyzer

OUR BEST SELLER! Simple operation, built to last, and provides accurate readings when it matters most.

Blue Breeze Solar Battery Box Vent Fan

An intelligent batter box vent fan with simple 2 wire hookup. Eliminates night time current useage that is present on full time vent fans.

Country-Wide Shipping

Stone Technologies' headquarters are located here in Salida, CO and ships USA made products across the country. Visit our online store today to find your solution to making sure your business is being monitored correctly or if you are having technological issues.

Innovative Solutions

  • Security and Fire Alarm Industries

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Energy Conservation

  • Custom Electronic Engineering

  • Home and Business Security Technology



Here at Stone Technologies, we are your most trusted and reliable source for all of your battery tester, battery analyzer, cellular external antennae, relay module, and battery box vent fan needs. 

All of our products are made in-house here in Salida, CO, and will help any company in the country that might need assistance.

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